Take a 360° view virtual tour of Auvudaiyarkoil Temple, Athmanathar Swamy Temple, Auvudaiyarkoilat a distance of 60 km from Pudukkottai, contain life-size sculptures. The roof of the Avudaiyar Koil made up of copper plates similar to that of the Nataraja temple at Chidambaram having golden plates.

Auvudaiyarkoil Temple 360° Virtual Reality Tour has been Digitally photographed in a single-camera set-up for the virtual tour. In this presentation, you can go to 20 places inside the temple.

And the default mode for 2D if you are using a desktop/laptop, and for the best viewing experience and feel being inside the royal palace use the VR Headsets.

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Shiva temples are generally facing east, Avudaiyarkoil temple is facing
south. As Lord Shiva plays the Guru part teaching Saint Manikkavasakar as Lord Dakshinamurthy, the temple is facing south, it is explained. The other Shiva temple facing south is Lord Kadambavana Nathar temple in Karur. Surprisingly, the temple does not have Nandi, flagstaff, Balipeedam, and Somaskandar are conspicuously absent as both Lord and Mother are formless. And instead of playing Nadaswaram, Melam, and Berigai, the blowing of conch, ringing of bell and Thiruchinnam is in vogue.

Contrary to the traditional absence of pujas in temples during eclipse time, it is otherwise in Avudaiyarkoil temple conducting the six-time puja as usual even during such occurrence. The philosophy is that eclipses cannot stop the pujas for Shiva having any beginning nor an end no Aadhi no Andham. Manickavasagar wrote Thiruvasagam, one of the sacred books of Tamil Saiva Siddhanta, in this Temple. This Temple is considered one of the Thiruvasaga Sthalams.