Explore the top destinations of 360° virtual tourism of tourist places, world heritage sites, monuments, temples, churches, museums & memorials, hill-stations & parks, mosques & dargahs, cave temples, Jain beds, etc. Our 360° virtual reality tours can be defines as the simulation of a monument or a tourist destination that is composed of a sequence of High-resolution digital images. With added multimedia elements of text information, music, sound effects, voice narration, and more… 

A series of 360-degree images on virtual tour to explore various areas of the site. The tour also includes a voiceover guide with information on the architecture, history, and more.

For a bird’s-eye view, click the drone icon for stunning aerial interactive images, including from the top of Temple Gopurams.

See the world without leaving your home! Many of India’s most iconic locations now offer virtual tours, meaning you can visit temples, world heritage sites, and other attractions from the comfort of your couch. 

Simply grab your laptop, tablet, or phone, and join us on our VR world tour filled with history, nature, and – of course – technology.


We are excited to announce the next wave in virtual tourism Live. You can now have a live call (just like Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or Web Conference) right on your 360° tour. Plus you can pass back and forth control and share who host the tour experience. 

This type of technology has a chance to change the virtual reality tour experience from today forward. So if you are a Travel agent, Providing online Guided Tours, or a Tourist Guide, today and get started using this feature. 

You can have a live video chat on our virtual 360° tour. Travel coordinators can create engaging presentations using VR.

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  • Travel companies can stand out from the crowd with the virtual tourism portfolio.
  • Allowing the user to imagine themselves at a travel destination.
  • Providing travel experiences to those who cannot travel.
  • Reducing the impact of tourism on vulnerable destinations.
  • Enabling the user to explore a scene of their own will.

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